Pre Engineered Buildings

Gallo Construction Inc. has been providing integrated structural steel buildings with components that have been pre-engineered and fabricated to your specific design and specifications. Panels, beams, and other components are precision-engineered and punched in the factory to align precisely in the field, assuring minimal assembly problems and optimal savings in erection time and money fake watches uk.

Pre-Engineered’s sophisticated building systems can readily incorporate glass, wood, stucco, brick, and stone to create versatile structures that have dramatic effects, or that seamlessly blend with their environment. This versatility translates into contemporary structures, ideally suited to project the right business image.

What does building system construction mean to you?

Design Flexibility

A Pre-Engineered Building can be designed to meet your individual needs and requirements. It can be designed so that it can be expanded to fit your needs as your business grows and can easily and affordably provide you with a clear, column-free interior space. This allows complete flexibility in the design of the interior layout of your building. No other material provides such flexibility.

Strength and Durability

Metal buildings are more likely to survive harsh weather conditions than other types of construction. They are designed to withstand the long-term effects of the elements and pests such as termites.

Low Maintenance

Today’s long-life finishes provide years of care-free beauty. A Pre-Engineered metal building will require less maintenance than similar structures made from other types of materials. You will be proud of your new facility for years to come.

Cost Savings

All these features make a Pre-Engineered Building easy on your budget. With fast construction, unmatched durability, carefree maintenance and affordable customization, it is easy to see why a Pre-Engineered Building will meet your needs and exceed your expectations.rolex replica

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Gallo Construction offers a complete Pre-Engineered product line to fit your company's needs whether they be Retail, Commercial, Institutional, Manufacturing or Recreational.